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tag, I am it…
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I have never done one of these things, maily because I have been afraid that the more people on here get to know who I am, the less I will be liked… I am bit un-orthadox!
but, what the hell.
so 25 things you may not know about me

1) I am huge politcal activist in my state and community fighting for gay rights, earth rights, and religiouse freedoms. If you know me in person, you know that come voting time, I get in the mother ship (my van) and drive anyone I know over to vote.

2) I am a photo art major and had my work shown in galleries and museums in ohio, vermont, and new hampshire, but when the photo world turned digital, I quit taking photos in fear of the techi side of things.

3) I am hippie, (duh) and fit the stereo type perfectly, mostly vedgetarian, recycle, activist, hand made home made goods, earth based religion.

4) I am pagan, a witch, and I teach magical classes and witch camps in my community and neiboring states through the year, this year I will be teaching in NH, VT, and actually be paid to fly out to oregon to teach!! wow!

5) I sing and have pagan chant music cd’s, currently 3 of them, working on a fourth, that are sold in pagan communities around the world (thanks to many pagan freinds for spreading the word!)

6) I just recently started selling dreds on-line as a way to make money to fund my doll obession, and it is working far better then I had thought!!

7) I got into pullips because I used to collect american girls and kept trying to turn then into goth p[irates but never could wipe the sweet smile off their face. Then one day my husband was looking at dolls for me on-line and ran into pullips and he fell in love with their style. He told me that he would by me two dolls if I stoped collecting AMG, cause he hated their buck teeth. Now I have….alot of pullips, more then 15?

8)My day job is a nanny and I watch a baby boy who claps every time he sais my name! (so cute)

9) I have been ‘let go’ from employment because I refused to not wear my moon necklace, a symbol of my faith. (still bitter)

10) I am definately not thin and have horrible body issues around thinking I am not pretty enough, but have learned to fake beauty fairly well that only those who REALLY know me, know that I have that problem.

11) I was horrible abused for 11 years by my was-band, and have learned to use that time as the most important lesson on how live and be in life, and often share what I ;earned in mystical ways to anyone who even hints at asking for an opinion!

12) I am a pirate, and celebrate in a larg group of pirate witches, my pirate name is Captain Clitoria, because I have taught how to ground and center with your pussy (sorry young ears)

13) I am dyslexic and have trouble with spelling, some people don’t like it, it offends their sense of the human language, but I am not sorry for being me, only sorry that me bothers others.

14) I sometimes think I may have been a magpie bird in my past life because I am addicted to sparkly things

15) glitter is my favorite drug

16) My husband calls me bird, love bird, song bird, dodo bird, because my horscope is ruled by the moon and it makes me a lunar bird, he took the idea and ran with it.

17) My parents disowned me last christmas (that sucked) in an email (that sucked even more)

18) I am 34 going on 22

19) I think I may have a peter pan complex and beleive in never growing up, but my body is debating that philosophy with me.

20) My husband has the best man ass I have ever seen;)

21) I always said that I wanted to be a gypsy when I grew up, and I think I am one of the few children that actual;ly became her childhood fantasy as an adult.

24) I have trouble with normal, kaki makes me want to puke

25) I love flickr and always feel so honored when people actually read and comment on my stuff, it has become one of the best things in my life, that fills my cup and lets me know that love can grow and flow even across digital lines, between people that have never met. So, thanks oyu all my flickr friends, i really do love you.